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The Capital of Texas
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Continuity Related Articles/Links
  1. Slovak uranium arrests reveal shadowy market
  2. Open source BCP software (for Universities only)
  3. The National Hurricane Center
  4. The FEMA training website
Capital of Texas Member Developed Publications
  1. BCP Integrated Program Slide
  2. BCM Framework Slide
  3. BCP Program Status Form
  4. BCP Test Report Form
  5. BCP Training Program Overview Presentation
  6. BCP Self Evaluation Form
  7. Risk Matrix Form
  8. BRP Status Form
  9. Critical Vendor Information Form
  10. Decision Matrix Form
  11. Downtime Cost Form
  12. Disaster Recovery Post Mortem Form
  13. Disaster Recovery Event Log
  14. Facility Risk Analysis Form
  15. Facility Damage Assessment Chart
  16. Food Analysis Form
  17. Incident Management Checklist
  18. Streamlined Business Resumption Process Presentation
  19. Site Risk Assessment Form
  20. Risk Assessment Worksheet
  21. Water Analysis Worksheet
  22. BCP Program Status Template
  23. Facility Risk Assessment Form
  24. Facility Risk Assessment Report
  25. BCP Training Program Overview Presentation
  26. Ciritical Vendor Information Form
  27. Downtime Cost Spreadsheet
  28. Business Continuity Management Framework
  29. Incident Management Checklist Form
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